Tech entrepreneurs, make your startup dreams come true by utilizing this invaluable, founder-to-founder guide to successfully navigating all phases of the tech startup journey.

With the advent of the internet, mobile computing, and now AI/Machine learning and cloud computing, the number of new startups have accelerated over the last decade across tech centres in Silicon Valley, Israel, India, and China.

From Startup to Exit shares the knowledge that pioneering, serial entrepreneur Shirish Nadkarni has gained from over two decades of success, detailing the practical aspects of startup formation from founding, funding, management, and finding an exit.

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What experts are saying

From Startup to Exit” is a fantastic resource for any startup founder, even more so if you are a 1st-time founder and entrepreneur. Building a successful startup takes investments at all stages – in your leadership capabilities, your product strategy, your go-to-market strategy, how you provide value to the customer and how you build your team. Shirish’s anecdotes and lessons in this book are highly relevant and apt to help any entrepreneur build and scale a successful technology business.

S. Somasegar

Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

With thousands and thousands of new tech startups launching every year, it’s shocking how little practical guidance for entrepreneurs has been published. Shirish’s new book provides rarely seen real-world advice for founders overwhelmed by the real world. Every tech entrepreneur should take a few hours off from the grind, in the wee hours of the morning or over a weekend, to benefit from the wisdom of a compatriot who has been there several times before.

Craig Sherman

Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich and Rosati

To succeed, a first-time founder has to make smart choices about a myriad of matters—and lacks prior experience with most of them. Is my concept compelling? Do I have the right cofounder? Are these financing terms fair? A seasoned entrepreneur, Nadkarni offers sage advice on all of these topics. Everything a founder needs to know is here, packed into one book.

Tom Eisenmann

Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

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